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Nature’s Collection
Photographs from around the world and free computer backgrounds. Select a photo collection from above.

Sand Waves 2
while returning home from a long bike trip, i noticed some cumulus clouds blowing by as the sun was getting low. Predicting a scenic sunset in the making, i rapidly peddled to find a good vantage point. It seemed the sun was setting abnormally quick, colours were coming and going quickly as i was searching about to gain a few extra feet in elevation. No time to climb a tree or gain access to a rooftop, so a nearby fence post was my only resort. It was at least four-inches square but cut at a slight angle so staying on top with fatigued legs was a bit of a challenge. Wiggling about, i managed to establish a light reading as my balance failed me and i fell to the ground. While i was on a more stable surface, i set my exposure time and climbed back up the post. This time i managed to set my focus and adjusted my lens for a good composure before falling off. Third time up, everything is set and only seconds to spare, i managed to steady my body just long enough to capture this beautiful sunset image before falling back to the ground. The streaming rays of light withdrew and the colour faded almost as quickly as it began; the spectacular event was certainly over but at least it was now preserved for lifetimes of enjoyment.

Twilight Rays
This is an up-shot of some colourful scale-shaped rock layers on the side of large cliff. To capture this amazing natural art, i had to setup as low as possible to get enough room between the camera lens and rock layers. There was just enough room for me to lay on the muddy ground and get my head in place to see the focus screen and prepare for the long-exposure.

Layers of Colour
graduated sunset colours behind a silhouette of winter trees

Winter Set
Below ground caverns in Arizona wilderness, carved out by centuries of flash flood waters from rain many miles away.

Caverns 3
sunset above the clouds near hawaiian islands

Fantasy Sunset 3
Although this can commonly grow into a tree it is officially classified as a shrub (cotinus coggygria) from Eurasia, and a really cool shrub at that. This was my first encounter with one of these and I was delightfully amazed with its colours. The leaves were a grape-purple on the top side with a more common greenish underside. When the sunlight shown through the leaves, they lit up a brilliant red, adding another odd colour to this unparalleled plant. I made sure to capture this wonder of colour on a bright sunny day with an equal amount of leaves showing their upper and lower hues.

Smoke Tree
Another beautiful and large butterfly in Malaysia. It's wings are simply huge when they flap by. They're relatively common as long as you don't mind being perched motionless in the middle of a flower bed and waiting for one to land in front of the lens. They are more properly called a Ricepaper butterfly, but most locals know it as a Tree Nymph.

Tree Nymph 1
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