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Nature’s Collection
Photographs from around the world and free computer backgrounds. Select a photo collection from above.

Wild raspberry bushes in northern Indiana

Snow Berries
This is a collection of some of the water drops flowing into the Yosemite Valley. It is difficult to take a bad photograph in this area, as the main valley area is surrounded with lush pines and giant cliff walls in all directions. The falls were abnormally robust this summer due to a previous heavy winter and wet spring.

Few Falls
northern Indiana

Fall Trail
i've been looking for a pattern in water like this for some time. Trying to find a place when the water has just the right size ripples and the proper light and reflections, then be able to place a camera on something solid to capture the special event, can all lead to be quite a task.

Colour Waves
Such a strong blue is a rare colour to be found in butterflies which makes the Blue Morpho an excellent find. This vibrant blue is very visible to their predators and so they rarely rest with their wings open to display these alluring colours.

Blue Morpho 1
Sunrise on the high plateau of Colorado.

Mile High Sunrise
you probably noticed there is something rather funny about these strawberries, and that is that they are really a small part of a lantana bloom. lantanas are a cluster of tiny flowers that make up a larger bloom measuring about an inch across. this shot captures part of three of these tiny flowers that have not yet opened. their petals are folded in an uncommon way somewhat resembling an envelope. the clear balls appearing as dew, are actually oil from the flower's scent glands. the width of this photo captures 0.0642 inches which is the thickness of 2 credit cards.

Strawberry Dew
the American side of Niagara Falls

American Falls 1
People worldwide enjoy our 'Moments with Nature' photo sharing project
We receive countless thank-you notes from people around the world who look forward to every tuesday morning when they receive our "Moments with Nature" and relax just a bit. Folks that are in stressful jobs or difficult life situations, who now take a moment to breath and enjoy a serene picture from planet earth (and look forward to next weeks moment). It has become very popular over the years, and you could be included… It's completely free, super easy to cancel, and never any other use of your email address