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Nature’s Collection
Photographs from around the world and free computer backgrounds. Select a photo collection from above.

peeking through the trees toward Horseshoe Lake mostly covered with lily-pads and blooms

Horseshoe Lake 1
we scouted for days along the Oregon coast, looking for the right balance of rock mounds in combination with the right moment of setting sun light.

Bandon Beach
passing for an assortment of freshly mined diamonds, these rough 'gems' are actually grains of refined sugar. they are spilled upon a deep-blue CD case which gave us a nice colour backdrop and texture. the crystalline grains of sugar average around 1/60 of an inch.

Raw Diamonds
guam coast

Shore 1
one of 10,000 roses at the International Rose Test Garden in Oregon.

Variegated Rose 2
the surf is defiantly 'up' today

Surf's Up 3
Although this can commonly grow into a tree it is officially classified as a shrub (cotinus coggygria) from Eurasia, and a really cool shrub at that. This was my first encounter with one of these and I was delightfully amazed with its colours. The leaves were a grape-purple on the top side with a more common greenish underside. When the sunlight shown through the leaves, they lit up a brilliant red, adding another odd colour to this unparalleled plant. I made sure to capture this wonder of colour on a bright sunny day with an equal amount of leaves showing their upper and lower hues.

Smoke Tree
The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco is a fantastic setting for many great images. I saw these two swans swimming about and set up on the nearby shoreline. As with most animals, you really must do a lot of waiting for the right moment (unless you are lucky enough to come across one that responds to verbal instruction). There were many fair shots, but each time something was not quite right, so I very patiently waited, slowly panning the camera to track their movement and making adjustments along the way. In as little as a half hour, there was finally a moment when they both stopped eating seaweed and faced each other just long enough for me to complete my work.

People worldwide enjoy our 'Moments with Nature' photo sharing project
We receive countless thank-you notes from people around the world who look forward to every tuesday morning when they receive our "Moments with Nature" and relax just a bit. Folks that are in stressful jobs or difficult life situations, who now take a moment to breath and enjoy a serene picture from planet earth (and look forward to next weeks moment). It has become very popular over the years, and you could be included… It's completely free, super easy to cancel, and never any other use of your email address