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Custom Business Software & Utilities
Totally custom software, hand-written by expert programmers, and designed to fit your exact needs. Over 30 years experience in software architecture, database design, and developing ergonomic interfaces (easy & efficient to use).
• Real-time reports & statistics
• Automated maintenance & notifications
• Multi-level security with dynamic passwords
• Complex data in simple at-a-glance form
• Algorithms to simulate human decision processes
• Handy web-based tools (desktop & mobile)

You'll Love us… it's in the Stars
For exceptional creativity, an eye for detail, and passion for getting a job done well, you'll want a person born with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, within the house of Virgo. According to the ancient Chinese Astrologers, a person with these planets in the 6th house, will have these attributes:
• Hard-working perfectionists
• Fantastically good organizers
• Highly creative in several media
• Perfection for detail
• Always improving any method or task
• Technical and scientific expertise
• Good with analytical thinking