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yes, this is real. i was hiking through a desert (with a load of camera gear of course) and saw this little cactus growing on top of a rock. it was too unique and charming to pass by without taking this photo opportunity.

Lovable Cactus
path through California Redwoods

glass tulips illuminated with various neon lights would certainly make a wonderful piece of contemporary art, but this is actually a closeup photo of a Grecian Windflower. in between the bumpy center cone and the outer petals, is a ring of many stamen with short filaments. zooming in extra tight on the area where the anthers (top part resembling mini-tulips) connect with the filaments (supporting stems), and adding in a micro-spotlight to make everything sparkle, you then get a shot like this. each filament (stems seen at the bottom) measures around 0.0062 inches in diameter which is a tad thinner than a bristle on a toothbrush.

Neon Tulips
apologizing in advance for those with allergies... here's a whole cluster of pollen spores. each one measures about 0.006 inches across, so this entire grouping is equivalent to the thickness of a DVD. the photographed colour was enhanced from pale tones.

Pollen Boquet
Morning dew rolling off daisy petals

amongst the ruins in MachuPicchu

Window to the Past
I'm hiking across the inside of a volcano crater and am loving the diverse assortment of mineral colours – every few minutes it seems like i enter a new alien world with unique soil and rock colours. The distant base of the clouds are over a mile in elevation, and they peak around 8,500 feet – the camera is just under 10,000 feet to capture this beautiful and unique land.

Crater Walk
Sierra Nevada Mountains in late spring as the snow begins to melt at this elevation

Last Day of Winter
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